Liminal Mindscapes by Amardeep Kaur Shergill

The idea for creating ‘Liminal Mindscapes’ (Exhibition at M16 Artspace 2017) came out of necessity of self expression in a new medium. Often times the themes of my work come from locality of an Eastern village where I was born and places where my childhood was spent.

At times when I was struggling to find my voice as an artist I was sometimes asked “are you trying to teach us about your culture?”

I don’t remember how I answered that back then but I now know that I am not trying to teach you about my culture,I am trying to learn from it myself. Living in between cultures and being an artist alienates me in some ways.

So ‘Liminal Mindscapes’ are my thoughts laid out in visual form. Distraction, dissection, divide, conclusion, confluence and concurrence all happening in the same frame. Overall the mindscapes are fertile and peaceful grounds where stories of cultures can flourish. Without the fear of prejudice, racism or the need to over-explain ones ‘Indianess’ or ‘Australianess’, or ‘In-betweeness’.